Paraíso na Terra
Vocé e Eu
Samba Chuva EP


Sea Song
Lyrics: “Sea Song” by Jane Tyson Clement.
Music: Rozina Pátkai
Arranged and produced by Márton Fenyvesi, Mátyás Tóth
T.S. Eliot: Song
music by Rozina Pátkai
a song from Rozina Pátkai: Taladim at Tom-Tom Records
Frida (A Dal 2019)
music Rozina Pátkai and Márton Fenyvesi
lyrics Zsófia Bán
Paraíso na Terra
Music: János Ávéd
Lyrics: Zsófia Bán
Arrangement and production: Márton Fenyvesi


Jazziz Magazine
Review of Paraíso na Terra and our Sea Song in JAZZIZ!
All About Jazz
"Hungarian vocalist Rozina Patkai has made her bones performing her "new-jazz" version of bossa nova in Europe.
Jazz History Online
"There can be little better evidence of the international appeal of Brazilian music than “Você E Eu”, a new album of bossa nova classics sung by the Italian-born and Budapest-based vocalist Rozina Pátkai. It
is not just the novelty of Eastern Europeans performing these songs from half a world away, but the total conviction in which the songs are played. Pátkai’s Portuguese sounds nearly perfect and she has a flexible sense of rhythm that enhances her distinctive interpretations..."
Review at Girlsingers
"Highest recommendation for this gem."
Jazzweekly review
"Yes, you’ve heard these songs a million times, but you’re STILL
going to love the delivery that Rozina Patkai has on them."
The Home of Bossa Nova
Jazzwax - review
"Hard stuff to sing convincingly, but Pátkai makes it sound easy, making you feel like the sun has just emerged after a summer downpour." html? utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed% 3A+Jazzwax+%28JazzWax%29#sthash.N96sJboe.dpuf
"Not only does the sweet-voiced songstress do full justice to what we might call the great bossa nova and Latin songbook with excellent versions of tunes like “Desafinado,” ”Garota de Ipanema” and “Aguas de Março,” but she has a haunting, string-drenched arrangement of “The Man I Love” (“El Hombre Que Yo Ame”) accompanied by The RTQ String Quartet." voce-e-eu/
Paris, Concert review
A very nice concert review i French of our show in Paris at Jazzycolors Festival!
Bnova Music
Interview at
New York City Jazz Records
Our first LP, Voce e Eu is suggested by The New York City Jazz Record. Album review in the February issue 2015, at Globe Unity: Hungary!
Acoustic Music USA
"Had you told me this was a rescued recording masterminded by Jobim way back when, I wouldn't have doubted you for a second."
Midwest Records USA
"Loaded with everything you could want and more, this date is a winner throughout, crisp and clear and loaded with more hot vibes than one release should have. Hot." /Chris Spector/
Bossa Renovation - Scotland
Concert review by N. Adams, Broadwaybaby, Edinburgh, Scotland. The Jazz Bar Edinburgh
Maah Music Brasil
Introduction on the Brazilian Maah Music!
Resident Magazine - New York
” The words wafted through the Zinc Bar, caroming from ear to ear before gently settling on the nape of each listener’s neck like a fading embrace. It was an ethereal voice that surfed the edgy melody – one that effortlessly rode complex progressions as if they were no more than naturally altering moods."
Danczi Csaba László interjúja a PRAE.HU portálján
"Talán még kiabálni is fogok"
Fidelio Magazin
"Nem volt mese, a dalszerzésbe muszáj volt belevágnom!"
Pesti Műsor
Pesti Mûsor 2017. december. MINKA és ROZINA
168 óra Magazin
Pátkai Rozina és a bossa nova - Egy sokoldalú művész életútja
Kentaur Magazin
"A közönség rezdüléseiből töltekezünk"
Pesti Műsor
Montázs, Minka, bossa nova - interjú
Acoustic Music
"But it's Pátkai's singing, her depth of nuance, that striking familiarity with sonic cultural cues contained in lilting melodious refrains that blindside the listener and lay him out for the count, smiling and groovin'. Had you told me this was a rescued recording masterminded by Jobim way back when, I wouldn't have doubted you for a second."
Port Magazine
Cover and interview in Port Magazine 08/2015
Exciting PROUST questionnaire by Kriszta D. Tóth on kerdoiv/
Insight of our music video-shooting, written by or stylist, Bence Csalár oh
Recorder Magazine
Official music video premiere on Recorder Magazine online
Concert-review of Peter Pastor of our concert in Ipolyság, Slovakia
Petőfi Live
Our concert live on Radio Petőfi's MR2 Acoustic Show
Radio Gazdaság
Having an interview with Zita Pataki 13/04/2015
Marie Claire
First time in Marie Claire!
Interview by Réka Szentesi with Rozina and her stylist, Bence Csalár fashion journalist
Instyle Hungary
Style and Travel: Costa del Sol
December issue 2014
A nice concert review written by Mihály Czékus (Opus Jazz Club, Budapest 04/10/2014)
Radio Orient
Interview by Anna Már on Radio Orient
Magyar Hírlap
Bossa nova with a Hungarian heart
ELLE Magazine
Interview in ELLE Magazine 08/2014
Life and Literature LVIII/ 26.
Bossa Nova as Mirror;bossa_nova_mint_tukor;2014-06-25.html
Recorder Magazine
Music of Rozina Pátkai
Metropol Magazine
Rozina Pátkai, an award-winning Hungarian singer in the USA
EVA Magazine
Books of My Life @ EVA Magazine 07/2014
Lamantin Concert Review
Vaskarika, Szombathely
Lamantin Jazz Festival patkai_rozina_quartet_koncertje_a_/
Interview by András Dezső Horváth @ Fidelio
"The pink sofa"
Interview by Benedek Ficsor in Magyar Nemzet daily newspaper
"Only the good music counts..."
Independent Music Awards
IMA Winner 2014 Jazz with Vocals Song category for our song: El Hombre Que Yo Ame
Evening News @ RTL Klub
Hungarian success at Made in New York Jazz Competition
Independent Music Awards
2014 - Rozina Pátkai: Voce e Eu is a Nominee in 3 categories
Nice album review written by Dávid Nádas at Kultúrgyom nova
Concert at 30th Jan in Budapest Music Center's Opus Jazz Club Review by Péter Somogyvári at a-fusterzekelovel
Pesti Est
Interview in Pesti Est
Made in New York Jazz Competition
It's my great pleasure is to announce that I was chosen to perform among the finalists at Made in New York Jazz Competition's Finale Concert in New York in May 2014! Patkai_Rozina_dontos_egy_New_York_i_zenei_versenyen.aspx
Magyar Narancs
"Where the weather is hot" - interview by Sisso Artner Snoblesse Oblige enekes-87035
Planet Mambo
Planet Mambo @ Radio Civil /w Dr Salsa & Korski
Concert review by Bálint Berecki
Vasárnapi Hírek
Interview by Anna Kertész
Radio Jazzy
Funky Feeling with Anna Bárány and Imre Suri
Starsky és Hát Jazz Klub
Talk show with Péter Zsuffa
Radio Fuga
Tervasztal with Júlia Ránki
Talk show and live concert with Mátyás Tóth guitarist
ATV Start Plus
31/08/2013 Morning talkshow by Egon Rónai
La Femme
23/08/2013 Interview by Bokor Gabriella in La Femme
19/08/2013 Interview by Adél Tossenberger
Magyar Nemzet
Arriving into another dimension
Interview by Benedek Ficsor (5/8/2013)
Népszabadság Cultural Magazine
Tandem interview with Rozina Pátkai and Vilmos Gryllus
Interview with Rozina Pátkai on the Brazilian Maah Music
Entrevista Exclusiva com Rozina Pátkai
Eu ouco Rozina Pátkai
Introduction on the Brazilian Maah Music!
TUDÁS FM Ugródeszka
Interview with Rozina Pátkai and Mátyás Tóth
Starsky és Hát Jazz Klub
Rozina Pátkai Quintet in Zsuffa Péter's jazz show in Radio Q!
Radio Tilos
Rozina Pátkai Quintet in Radio Tilos at 18th January 2013
Duna TV News
Jazz Showcase 2013
Rozina Pátkai Trio won the Public Prize at Veszprém Streetmusic Festival 2012
Bossa Renovation
Concert review by N. Adams, Broadwaybaby, Edinburgh, Scotland
The Jazz Bar Edinburgh
Népszava Online
Jazz Voices 2012
Threeweeks Unlimited Media
Bossa Novas
Music review in Threeweeks Unlimited Media Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2011